Fringe Festival Guide: Dystopian Worlds

Denise Solleza, one of the artists in this year's Fringe Festival. Photo by Tanja Tiziana


Dystopian Worlds

13 WAYS THE WORLD ENDS, by Flash Dazzle Productions

Pestilence. Famine. War. And… Cthulhu? Join comedy sketch troupe Good Morning Apocalypse as they present thirteen different ways Earth meets its end. 


Imagine a future where time travel has become mundane, where history is only a plaything for a populace oversaturated with media and celebrity. Celebrity-filled, boozy, irreverent, and just a little bit gay, Bugger the Butterfly! answers Cher’s question for the ages: what would you do “if you could turn back time”?

EARTH TOURIST, by Chandelier Factory Productions

Sparklemuffin the space unicorn from another dimension has one final day to finish an application that grants her freedom from an endless cycle of human rebirth. Relentlessly pestered by her arch nemesis and only friend, linear time, she scrambles to make sense of life on planet earth and her place in it.

EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW, by Aaron Jensen, Musicals Canada

The history of the universe, a poignant family drama, the swashbuckling adventures of an imaginative young girl, the end of the world, and a surly cow: no stone is left unturned in this delightfully dark and whimsical new musical.


Meet Kitt, lone astronaut, age nintey-six, protecting the last of humankind. Imagine Ridley Scott’s Aliens meets Golden Girls.

KARA SEVDA, by Lisa VillaMil, Now What Theatre

Celia and Rhys are waiting for the train. The last train that will ever run from Paris to Rome. But so are thousands of others, and the lottery has yet to begin.

PLAGUE: A SIC LOVE STORY, by Matthew Heiti, Ou est Billy Ou Ou

A mysterious sickness has cocooned the city in paranoia and suspicion. A husband and wife seal themselves into their squalid tenement flat to attend the sickbed of their baby. While the illness gnaws at the seams, Bernard and Remy dig toward the truth at the heart of their life. 

RECALL, by Eliza Clark, Seven Siblings Theatre

Lucy makes people uncomfortable. There’s something about her eyes. There’s something about the way her mother’s boyfriends keep disappearing. And there’s something about the government agents on her trail.

WELCOME TO THE BUNKER!, by Clare Blackwood and Ryan F. Hughes, Portius Productions

Zombie apocalypse got you down? Grab your prep kit and your fellow survivors and join us underground to start your new life! Say hello to life in the bunker, where we will guide you through adjusting to your new surroundings.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on from July 5 to July 16 at locations around the city.

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