Fringe Festival Guide: Magic and Mysticism

Ryan G Hinds, one of the artists in this year's Fringe Festival. Photo by Tanja Tiziana


Magic and Mysticism

DEAR UNCLE WISH, by Samantha Chaulk, Theatre Enthused

Bride, a nurse studying in St. John’s, returns to her childhood home of Heart’s Desire for the first time. A magical world opens up as she must stay with her uncle, a folk healer, who enlists her to read him the letters he receives from the world over.

HEXEN, by Caleigh Crow, The Creation Coffin

An ancient coven of witches have reappeared on the earth to warn the humans of a darkness beginning to seep into their lives. A vibrant mix of song, movement, dance, and text.

MAGIC TO THE FUTURE, by The Great & Powerful Tim

When an accident sends an unconfident magician’s assistant back through time, does he have the courage to do a show on his own and generate enough magic to get back to the future? Featuring mentalism, card tricks, a shake-weight time machine, a killer robot assistant, and even a mind-reading fish.

MONSTERS BY NATURE, by Kindling Collective

An in-depth perspective at the human capacity to commit evils and embrace inner bestial power, inspired by the tales of Dracula, Frankenstein, Steppenwolf, and more. Witness the journey of the creation of a monster and experience those voices often left in the shadows.

THE OLD WOLF AND THE SACRED TROUT, by Donald Molnar, Arbez Drama Projects

A wolf meets a human being for the very first time. Their worlds collide. What is this thing that walks on land and feeds from water? When Strong-Jaw takes the new creature’s food and eats of the sacred flesh, the world of the wolf pack is changed forever.

ROUGH MAGIC, by Phillip Psutka, Theatre Arcturus

This original play follows the innocent beginnings and volatile consequences of a relationship between Ariel, an airy sprite, and Caliban, a ground-dwelling mortal.

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, by Paprika Creators Unit

When dreams and trauma collide, you can try to run but tragedy is a bullet that never misses its mark, especially in the subconscious. A story told in pieces and papers, often lost in translation.

UNIVERSAL HORRORS, by Dyana Sonik-Henderson, Broken Rhythms Victoria Society

The classic horror movie genre of the 1930s, 40s, 50s comes back to the stage through dance and in 3D. Cult classics such as Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein all make an appearance.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on from July 5 to July 16 at locations around the city.

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