Toronto Fringe Festival: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Show for You

With 160 shows at the Toronto Fringe this year—in 35 venues around the city—it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the ones you want to see. We get it. But we don’t want that to stop you from catching a show—or five.

So, you’re in luck. Not only has Derrick Chua—who sees on average seventy shows per year and definitely knows his theatre—provided a list of his top 12 shows to check out, we’ve done some work for you to make it even easier. We’ve gone through the list of Fringe shows and created several categories based on themes or topics that may be of interest to you, so that you can find the show, or shows, that fit your needs.

Click the category title that piques your interest, and we’ll tell you which shows are best for you.

(Better-than-the-Original) Adaptations of Classics

Plays that bring new perspectives to old stories including Dracula, a Greek sex comedy, and several Shakespeare.

Dystopian Worlds

These shows are set in strange future landscapes and fantastical worlds, taking you outside your everyday life.

The Experimental and Avant-Garde

Some of the weirdest, boldest, and most radical shows at the Fringe.

Female-Focused Stories

Shows about the realities of moving through the world in a woman’s body.

Immigration and Intercultural Tales

These shows about cultural exchange, both funny and poignant, seem especially timely this summer.

Magic and Mysticism

Witches, wolves, magicians, folk healers, and more.

Millennial Stories

Millennials: lazy and entitled, or overlooked and hard-done-by? These shows are about and by a controversial generation.

Mystery and Crime

Detective stories, murder mysteries, and one wily raccoon.

Romance is Alive and Well and Living in Toronto

Love can be funny, horrifying, awkward, sexy, gross—these shows go to all those places and more.

To search through all shows on the Toronto Fringe Festival website, click here

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