SummerWorks: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Show For You

Summer festivals can be a bit overwhelming: how are you supposed to decide what to see?!

To make it a little easier, we’ve recommended three shows we’re excited to see, and accomplished festival-goer Derrick Chua has recommended twelve of his own. Here’s another strategy to help you choose what to see: we’ve gone through the shows and highlighted some of the topics and themes that might be interesting to you. Happy SummerWorks!


Shows that reflect the real-life experiences of their creators.


Theatre experience at a pool, in a green house, over the phone, on an app, and more.

Out-of-Town Artists

Work by artists from other cities.

Hot-Button Issues

Shows you’ll want to talk about after you leave the theatre, covering topics like gender, the environment, BDSM, and Indigenous identities.

Strong Female Voices

Theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary shows created, produced, or performed by women.

Connecting Across Divides

Performances and events that reach across aisles to bring people together.

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