Casting Announcement: Asking For It

Asking For It, a play by Ellie Moon, is a daring documentary play that explores gender roles and sexual consent in the wake of the Ghomeshi scandal. Presented by In Association with Crow’s Theatre, Nightwood Theatre, and Necessary Angel, it offers a candid, often funny, and sometimes uncomfortable look at shame, power, ambiguity, and misunderstanding in communication about sex.

Asking For It features Ellie Moon, Jaa Smith-Johnson, Christine Horne, and Steven McCarthy, each playing various roles. Directed by Brendan Healy, the play—part of the Consent Event, a series and symposium navigating the minefield of modern sexuality—will be run from October 6 to 21 at Streetcar Crowsnest. Tickets can be purchased either through Nightwood Theatre or Crow’s Theatre.

Fun facts! The cast of Asking For It recommends a documentary you should watch.

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