The Flip Side: A Sense of Community


One of the things I love most about the theatre is the sense of community—locally, nationally, globally— between artists. There is a shared sensibility of inclusion and freedom of expression, support between artists, and an understanding that the theatre is a safe space to create and to be who you are. Last week, on June 12, a gunman opened fire in an Orlando gay club, killing 49 people, injuring 53, and forever affecting the lives of countless family members, friends, and sympathetic strangers.

The theatre community, forever empathizing with and fighting for the rights of those who are vulnerable, who are victims, has responded—without surprise—admirably:

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, accepting his award for Best Score at the Tony’s last Sunday, put things very eloquently: love is love is love is love is love

In other news…

  • As part of its 60th birthday celebrating, the Royal Court Theatre in London is releasing 60 short films, interviews with celebrated theatre actors, directors and playwrights, including this one of Alan Rickman
  • The Profiles Theatre in Chicago has closed its doors after the publication of a 12,000-word document detailing years of abuse
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced his replacement for when he steps down as Hamilton on July 9: Javier Munoz, his alternate since Hamilton’s off-Broadway days. Munoz spoke with Variety about the blessing/curse of filling Miranda’s very large shoes

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