Interested in checking out what’s on this week? We’ve rounded up some reviews so you can pick the play that’s right for you. 

1979, The 1979 Group

Toronto Star – Karen Fricker

“The play is a satire packed full of research and strong opinion, and also a lot of wit and heart.”

NOW Magazine – Susan G. Cole

“The play’s conversations are imagined, but based on factual politics of which Healey is a keen observer. He also revels in satire and the piece is often hilarious.

AFTER THE FIRE, Theatre Centre

Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

Fort McMurray dark comedy After the Fire’s ending is a gas” (subscribers only)

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Matthew MacKenzie is a whimsical, thoughtful writer, with a depth of feeling that bubbles up from his plays.”

CANNIBAL, Scrap Paper Theatre/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“Director Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster balances heavy moments with subtle touches, such as placing flowers on a table at full bloom to reveal the passage of time, or the way Bridget spits out her red wine in a pivotal scene. 

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Director Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster does a nice slight of hand with the tricky first scene, the reality of which reveals itself at the end of the play.”


Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

“And the new Toronto cast provides a chance for some Canadian performers you may know from ‘supporting’ or ‘featured’ roles to take the lead in this kinetic ensemble production directed by Christopher Ashley.”

Toronto Star – Carly Maga

“This new cast reveals humour as one of the driving forces behind the musical’s identity and message — it builds bonds, it invites, and it makes unimaginable circumstances bearable to start, and eventually joyous.

NOW Magazine – Susan G. Cole

“Christopher Ashley, who won a Tony award for direction, keeps everyone moving non-stop, ingeniously recreating the vibe on a plane, on a careening bus or in a packed bar. If anything, it all moves at almost too much of a breakneck speed.

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“It’s a wonderful story told in this glorious musical and yes, in these troubled times, this show is needed. See it and take Kleenex.”

Stage Door Christopher Hoile

“The result is a musical where the acting and singing of the cast and the folk music–inspired playing of the nine onstage musicians combine in the united goal of telling a story in the most effective way possible.”

DINNER WITH THE DUCHESS, The Duchess Collective/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“Boasting a superb trio of actors and dialogue rich with verbal jousting, Nick Green’s comedic drama about a classical musician hits all the right notes.”

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

“Allegra Fulton fills the part of Margaret with sleek sophistication and classiness that slowly gives way to the cracks in her veneer.”

GA TING, Ga Ting Toronto Collective/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Lisa McKeown

“Aaron Jan’s direction reveals a rich and often comedic subtext while exposing the darker layers, capably guiding the audience from hysterics to tears and back.

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

“Director Aaron Jan has realized the many memories the characters have by having many boxes with lids strewn around the stage. “


Globe and Mail – Martha Schabas

“an electric take on Euripides with a strong cast” (subscribers only)

Toronto Star – Karen Fricker

“Under Jonathan Seinen’s thoughtful direction, the production that results feels like simultaneous exploration and celebration of the relevance that they have discovered in the material.”

LAUREN AND AMANDA DO IT, Toasted Theatre Company/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“The cozy upstairs antechamber is the perfect venue to watch Lauren Cauchy and Amanda Logan “Do It,” which in this case means candidly discuss, joke and sing about sex-related topics.”

POSSESSED, Classy Little Bitch Productions/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Glenn Sumi

“Under Dawn Milman’s direction, the stark presentation is engaging, with lively, if repetitive, use of bells for the audience to shake during the spirit-invoking sequences.”

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

“Diana Bang is an engaging performer and the play has a kernel of an intriguing idea, more work needs to be done to clarify it.”

STRANGE & UNUSUAL, Flat Earth Global/Next Stage

NOW Magazine – Radheydan Simonpallai

“He amplifies tricks with theatricality, remains nimble when it comes to audience interaction and handles the unexpected with so much ease, it might as well become part of the routine.

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

“Wallace is very smooth in his magic and his languid story-telling.”


Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

(subscribers only)

Toronto Star – Karen Fricker

“The show gets funnier and funnier because it works the farce tropes up to and beyond the point of absurdity.”

NOW Magazine – Glenn Sumi

“To be sure, there’s plenty of craft to the production, especially in Nigel Hook’s Tony Award-winning set, which, managed by (unseen) technicians, works wonders, particularly in the increasingly chaotic second act. ”