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AF, Canadian Stage/Red Sky Performance

Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Mooney on Theatre – Samantha Wu

“The story they tell through movement is something that simply can’t be expressed in words.”


    • Photo by Matthew Murphy

Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

“And the new Toronto cast provides a chance for some Canadian performers you may know from ‘supporting’ or ‘featured’ roles to take the lead in this kinetic ensemble production directed by Christopher Ashley.”

Toronto Star – Carly Maga

“This new cast reveals humour as one of the driving forces behind the musical’s identity and message — it builds bonds, it invites, and it makes unimaginable circumstances bearable to start, and eventually joyous.

NOW Magazine – Susan G. Cole

“Christopher Ashley, who won a Tony award for direction, keeps everyone moving non-stop, ingeniously recreating the vibe on a plane, on a careening bus or in a packed bar. If anything, it all moves at almost too much of a breakneck speed.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“It’s a wonderful story told in this glorious musical and yes, in these troubled times, this show is needed. See it and take Kleenex.”

Stage Door Christopher Hoile

“The result is a musical where the acting and singing of the cast and the folk music–inspired playing of the nine onstage musicians combine in the united goal of telling a story in the most effective way possible.”

GROUNDED, Crow’s Theatre/TheatreSix

Photo courtesy of Theatresix.

Mooney on Theatre – Sam Mooney

“[Carly] Street’s strong performance makes for an engaging evening of theatre.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Playwright George Brant’s play is gripping.”


The Company of Hamilton on stage
Photo by Joan Marcus.

Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

“[…] Hamilton never loses narrative momentum because of [creator Lin-Manuel] Miranda’s masterful merging of hip-hop ideas with the musical theatre form.”

NOW Magazine – Glenn Sumi

“The touring cast is full of big talent. [Jared] Dixon’s Burr is the strongest performer, appropriately slick and smooth-voiced in public, tender and philosophical in his musical soliloquies.”

Mooney on Theatre – Ilana Lucas

“Jared Dixon blazes forth, particularly in the Act I showstopper, “Wait For It.” Like a reverse Iago on Hamilton’s shoulder that tells him to avoid action, he’s simultaneously uptight and a little wicked and charming.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Neil Haskell gives a cheeky performance as the arrogant King George.”


Photo by Dahlia Katz.

NOW Magazine – Debbie Fein-Goldbach

“While Brendan Healy’s staging sometimes feels formulaic, the confessional end sequence delivered squarely to the audience makes up for it.”

Mooney on Theatre – Ilana Lucas

“[Vivek] Shraya’s voice settles in early on to a rich, resonant timbre, with silky-smooth melisma.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Vivek Shraya is such a charming presence, sings beautifully and certainly has a facility with lyrics, that she draws in her audience.”

LADY SUNRISE, Factory Theatre

Exciting newcomer Lindsay Wu (with Zoé Doyle, Rosie Simon, Ma-Anne Dionisio, Louisa Zhu and Belinda Corpuz) finds humour and pathos in her self-absorbed character’s downfall in “Lady Sunrise.”
Photo by Joseph Horwath.

Toronto Star – Karen Fricker

“What was moving to me were the individual portraits of isolation and psychological struggle. [Lindsay] Wu finds both humour and pathos in her self-absorbed character’s downfall; hers is the most fully drawn character and she brings her to life impressively.”

NOW Magazine – Samantha Edwards

“At 105 minutes and no intermission, at times the play loses momentum. But its reluctance to sugarcoat harsh realities will leave audiences stinging from the engrossing narratives.”

THIS WAS THE WORLD, Tarragon Theatre

Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

Toronto Star – Carly Maga

“What’s unfortunate — and likely the exact opposite of what [playwright Ellie] Moon intended — is that the women in “This Was the World” feel like bit players in Taylor’s story, added just so it’s not another play about an old white man.”

NOW Magazine – Lisa McKeown

“Richard Rose’s direction is adept, keeping the set sparse and creating space for the story to unfold through the relationships.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“[R.H.] Thomson gives a master class in acting in his performance.”