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Photo by Seanna Kennedy

NOW Magazine – Christopher Hoile

“It becomes more attractive when Goodall allows in Indian rhythms and melodies. When it morphs into full-out bhangra, as at Pinky’s wedding, the show is at its most alive both musically and in Gino Berti and Daniel Ezralow’s choreography. ”


    • Photo by Matthew Murphy

Globe and Mail – J. Kelly Nestruck

“And the new Toronto cast provides a chance for some Canadian performers you may know from ‘supporting’ or ‘featured’ roles to take the lead in this kinetic ensemble production directed by Christopher Ashley.”

Toronto Star – Carly Maga

“This new cast reveals humour as one of the driving forces behind the musical’s identity and message — it builds bonds, it invites, and it makes unimaginable circumstances bearable to start, and eventually joyous.

NOW Magazine – Susan G. Cole

“Christopher Ashley, who won a Tony award for direction, keeps everyone moving non-stop, ingeniously recreating the vibe on a plane, on a careening bus or in a packed bar. If anything, it all moves at almost too much of a breakneck speed.”

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“It’s a wonderful story told in this glorious musical and yes, in these troubled times, this show is needed. See it and take Kleenex.”

Stage Door Christopher Hoile

“The result is a musical where the acting and singing of the cast and the folk music–inspired playing of the nine onstage musicians combine in the united goal of telling a story in the most effective way possible.”

LIL’ RED ROBIN HOOD, Ross Petty Productions

Photo by Racheal McCaig

NOW Magazine – Christopher Hoile

“Last year’s Ross Petty Productions annual panto was one of the strongest in years. This year’s show, Lil’ Red Robin Hood, is even better.”

Toronto Star – Ryan Porter

“The panto plays to its two audiences equally, if not seamlessly, well.

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“Tracey Flye directs and choreographs like the wind. The production moves and dances at a gallop, and it’s wonderful, silly fun.  It plays to a formula but the formula works.”


Photo by Ed Hanley

NOW Magazine – José Teodoro

“The music, always lively and deftly executed, alternates between the folk and art-music traditions of the characters’ sundry ethnicities. The dividing of each tradition is initially so discreet and tidy as to feel a little academic, but this, too, loosens as the show progresses, with passages of playful fusion and impassioned performance.”

Toronto Star – Carly Maga

“But the second act begins to mesh the Ward’s cultural musical influences together in an exciting way. Blues songs mingle with Cantonese, Italian with Hebrew Klezmer.

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin

“The stories are compelling; the music is illuminating and you figure that everybody on that stage might have had a relative who arrived from somewhere else to Toronto to live in the Ward as a start.”