The SHOW SHOW: Ruth and Liz have a TIFF

In the TIFF Roundup Episode of The SHOW SHOW, Ruth and Liz talk to some red carpet lookie loos while waiting for their exclusive interview with Hollywood Superstar Ryan Gosling.

They also meet Richard Gere…well, sort of.


The SHOW SHOW features aspiring hosts Ruth Goodwin (The Howland Company) and Liz Johnston (Bad Dog Theatre) as they interview theatre artists and comedians about life in Toronto as a performer, on their show, about shows.

Eager to conduct the greatest interview of all time, The SHOW SHOW is a mishmash of various styles—one minute it’s a lip sync battle, the next it’s Theatre Brouhaha drunk in a living room. Directed by the incomparable Jacqueline Andrade.

Watch a drunk history of the Fringe Festival, a musical battle featuring Songbuster, and a walk up some stairs with The 39 Steps‘ Ravi Jain and Anand Rajaram.

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Ruth and Liz are Toronto based performers who have been friends for far too long. Liz is an accomplished improviser and sketch comedian who performs regularly with Bad Dog Theatre and the Monkey Toast Players. Ruth works as actor and producer and is a founding member of The Howland Theatre Company. You can also catch them both on TV plugging the occasional Tim Horton’s Breakfast Wrap or Kit Kat bar. They get along great. Here is a horrible picture of them in high school. @Ruth_Goodwin @LizJohnston12

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Jacqueline is a Toronto-based producer and director. Her work has been featured in various festivals such as Montreal World Film Festival, Hollywood North Film Festival, and Muskoka Independent Film Festival. As a recent graduate from the Humber FMTV program, she is now working with a variety of film studios including The Young Astronauts, Unikron, and Two Bit Circus.