Intermission is an online theatre magazine based in Toronto.

At Intermission, you’ll find personal essays from artists about their work, in-depth articles about all aspects of the industry, revealing interviews with top names in Canadian theatre, and fun and creative stories. We’ll connect you to full theatre listings and reviews of shows from the GTA and to other stories from around the world. Aside from the theatres themselves, we’re the place to go for your theatre fix.

About Intermission’s partnership model
Intermission Magazine is partially funded through advertising partnerships with Canadian performing arts organizations. Our partners purchase digital advertising space on Intermission’s website, newsletters, and social media platforms. In turn, Intermission is able to provide editorial coverage to our partner organizations. Intermission commissions its writers independently and maintains editorial control of what gets published. Partnered supported content is not provided to our partners for review prior to publishing.

About Intermission reviews
Intermission’s review coverage is independently funded, and is kept strictly separate from the magazine’s partnership operations. An Intermission partnership does not guarantee favourable review coverage.


Publisher • Suzanne Cheriton

Digital manager, co-founder • Janice Peters Gibson

Editorial advisor • Karen Fricker

Senior editor • Aisling Murphy

Publishing and editorial assistant • Liam Donovan

Staff writer • Nathaniel Hanula-James

Resident photographer • Dahlia Katz


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