Intermission is an online theatre magazine based in Toronto, created by The Company Theatre.

Our mandate is to help break down the fourth wall that exists between artists and audiences by providing a platform for artists to talk about the ideas they’re grappling with both onstage and off.

At Intermission, you’ll find personal essays from artists about their work, in-depth articles about all aspects of the industry, revealing interviews with top names in Canadian theatre, and fun and creative editorial pieces. We’ll connect you to full theatre listings and reviews of shows from the GTA and to other stories from around the world. Aside from the theatres themselves, we’re the place to go for your theatre fix.


Publisher, Co-Founder • Philip Riccio

Editor-in-Chief • Bailey Green

Manager, Creative Strategy and Development • Kasey Dunn

Associate Editor • Lauren Toffan

Intern • Allison Beckwith

Resident Videographer • Jill Harper

Resident Photographer • Dahlia Katz

Digital Manager • Janice Peters Gibson


Co-Founder, Former Co-Editor-in-Chief • May Antaki

Co-Founder, Former Co-Editor-in-Chief • Maija Kappler