Intermission publishes artist perspectives, original journalism, spotlight profiles, and audio and video content. Because outlets already exist for theatre reviews, previews, and Q&As, we steer clear of those and instead focus on content that can’t be found elsewhere.


Let us help you tell your stories about what happens behind the scenes, before the curtain goes up and after it comes down. Pitch us a feature, essay, or opinion piece you want to share with the audiences who see your work. 


If you have a passion for the arts and want to write about theatre, let’s collaborate. Pitch us a story you want to report on, an issue that needs exploring, or an artist you believe merits a profile. 

We welcome all voices and writing styles, and while we suggest word counts of 1000 to 1500 per piece, understand that the natural length of an article will vary, so we’re quite flexible.

If you’re thinking of pitching an article or video to Intermission, get to know the kind of stuff we publish.

  1. Wrestling with “Success” – written by Christine Horne

  2. Heart of Paradox – written by an anonymous young actor

  3. A Crack in Everything – written by Maija Kappler

  4. All Our Heroes Are Flawed – written by Aaron Willis

  5. A Final Checklist Before You Print Up Your Play – written by Rick Roberts

  6. Spotlight: Weyni Mengesha – written by Bahia Watson

A couple small notes

  • We’re a tiny team and due to the amount of submissions we get, it’s not always possible to respond to everyone. (We wish we could!) Please don’t let that discourage you from submitting pitches in the future.
  • Intermission plans for content between six to eight weeks in the future, so, if the topic you’re suggesting is time-sensitive, get your idea to us early.
  • We’re also looking for photographers, illustrators, videographers, and graphic designers. If this is you, send us your portfolio and we’ll be in touch.

Send all pitches to co-editors-in-chief May Antaki and Maija Kappler at [email protected]