Intermission publishes a wide variety of content including, artist perspectives, original journalism, spotlight profiles, and audio and video content.

Content not directly generated by our Intermission team falls into two different categories.


Content aimed to raise awareness about an upcoming production is reserved for our partners and advertisers. If you wish to reach Intermission’s theatre savvy readership to help build your audience, we don’t blame you, it’s a great idea. Intermission offers flexible partnership and advertising options for every level of marketing budget. For more information about our partnership options and the advantages of working with our passionate editorial team to help build your audiences please contact us.

Current and past partners include: Canadian Stage, Soulpepper, TOLive, Obsidian Theatre, Factory Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, Nightwood Theatre, Crow’s Theatre, Rare Theatre, Toronto Fringe Festival, and Company Theatre.

Send all promotion pitches to Janice Peters Gibson at


However, if you’re an artist, not looking to promote anything, but have something that you’re passionate about we want to hear from you, no partnership necessary. We welcome pitches from artists for personal essays and opinion pieces on topics of importance. Successful pitches will be teamed with our editors to transform your idea into a published Artist Perspective on our site.  If you are new to Intermission, please get to know the kind of work we publish before reaching out.


Articles to read:

  1. Wrestling with “Success” – by Christine Horne
  2. $5 or $75, That Is the Question – Owais Lightwala
  3. Leaving Troubling Characters on the Stage – by Mairin Smit
  4. It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health – by Anusree Roy, as told to Maija Kappler
  5. A Final Checklist Before You Print Up Your Play – written by Rick Roberts

Guidelines and notes:

  • All voices and writing styles are welcome
  • Send in a pitch rather than a full article
  • If we do accept a pitch, we suggest a word count of 1000–1500 words
  • To keep quality high, we go through a rigorous editorial process on all articles; expect to work on several drafts before the piece is ready to be published
  • We’re a tiny team and due to the amount of submissions we get, it’s not always possible to respond to everyone. Please don’t let that discourage you from submitting pitches in the future
  • Publishing date is decided on by Intermission based on the readiness of the piece and how it fits into our overall publishing schedule.


    Send all article pitches to Senior Editor, Aisling Murphy at