Espoir Segbeaya

Born in Munich, Germany and raised in Nelson, BC in the magnificent mountains of the West Kootenay Region, Espoir is an Afro-Canadian trilingual, actor, storyteller, and performer of music across many mediums. She is a black woman whose pronouns are she and her. Espoir is a classically trained singer, with special interest in ensemble and choral music. She seeks to stretch the perimeters of her definition of theatre daily and is currently expanding her practice to include voice over/narration and puppetry. She is a recent grad of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting program. In 2019-2020 at NTS, she performed in Burning Vision directed by Mike Payette and played the titular role in Nell Gwynn directed by Krista Jackson. In 2020-2021 Espoir was part of the Artist Mentorship Program at Black Theatre Workshop. She is also featured in The Rest is Electric podcast.