Julie Foster

Originally from Toronto, Julie Foster is a graduate of Concordia University, having studied as a Major in Playwriting. She has had her plays and clown pieces performed at the Gala for Student Drama at the Mainline Theatre in Montreal, the SIPA Short Works Festival at Concordia University, the Montreal Fringe Festival, the SOLOS Festival, and OPIA Theatre’s Dark Crop Festival. Her play The Tenth Muse was performed as part of Filament Incubator’s second season and was nominated for a My Entertainment World Award for Outstanding New Work. As well as working as a playwright, Julie is a stage manager, having participated in shows at Concordia University, the Mainline Theatre, Marianopolis College, the Alumnae Theatre, Shakespeare in Action, and with Spur of the Moment Shakespeare Collective. Julie has also been a member of the Young Innovators Unit at Nightwood Theatre.