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2023 Doras

A black and white image of Jonathan Wilson and Daniel Krolik in Gay for Pay Productions' upcoming Blake & Clay's Gay Agenda (original photo by Kevin Connery. Both men wear white dress whirts: Wilson holdas a book in one hand, with a feather quill held aloft in the other, gazing upwards. Krolik looks down at the book, shrugging, with a grimace. Large blue cartoonish tears fall from the men's eyes, and cracked blue crowns rest atop their heads. iPhoto caption: Original image of Jonathan Wilson and Daniel Krolik by Kevin Connery.

So, You’re a Dora Loser

When it was not our names announced on the stage of the 2023 Dora Awards, I did my best to remain composed. At least, that’s what I was told when the paramedics lifted me into the ambulance.

By Curtis Campbell / Jun 30, 2023