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Aaron Jan

iPhoto caption: Next Stage Festival 2019. Photo by Paula Sanderson.

Colder than COLD-VID: Reflections by 4 Isolating Next Stage Alumni on Their Time with the Festival

Next Stage isn't happening this year. Like most arts festivals, it's been halted by COVID. In this peculiar time of rest, many theatres have been re-evaluating their practises, seeing who they've left out of the programming and how they may better serve their communities.

By Aaron Jan / Oct 1, 2020

Cantonese, Culture, and Being ‘Canadian’

It had been so long since I had heard Cantonese spoken in performance and media. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to hear your own language on stage.

By April Leung / Nov 28, 2018
iPhoto caption: Cast of Swan. Photo by Jordan Laffrenier

8.5 Thoughts About 8 Plays in 8 Months

By beer seven, this seemed like an amazing idea. Fucking foolproof.

By Aaron Jan / Nov 3, 2016