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Alex Bulmer

iPhoto caption: Photo by Mike McPhaden.

REVIEW: With Richard Three, Shakespeare in the Ruff affirms their tradition of re-imagining Shakespeare in powerful ways

There is a rift in the time-space continuum at Withrow Park this summer: multiverse Richard III has met Shakespearean universe Richard III for a coronation and some Shakespearean hijinks.

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Sep 5, 2023
Alex Bulmer (left) and Alexia Vassos (right) stand glancing at each other slightly - Vassos looks over her left shoulder, her right arm outstretched as though leaning on a wall. Blumer ears dark glasses. Behind them is a faded image of Christine Horne in front of a tree which is only faintly visible. Translucent bark appears through the image, giving Horne a tree-like quality. iPhoto caption: (left to right) Alex Bulmer, Christine Horne, and Alexia Vassos in Richard Three. Original images by Mike McPhaden.

‘Two Perspectives on Disability’: In Conversation with Richard Three at Shakespeare in the Ruff

“There’s a need for [Richard Three] because there’s so little work in this country that centres two disabled people at its core," Bulmer said.

By Alethea Bakogeorge / Aug 10, 2023

REVIEW: Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind) at Fire and Rescue Team/Crow’s Theatre

Thrillingly, Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind) develops a lush network of the stories, encounters, senses, and words which have shaped Bulmer into the gifted artist she is today.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 11, 2023

Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind): In Conversation with Alex Bulmer

"I think travel has the potential to open up some great conversations between people with very differing life experiences," says Alex Bulmer ahead of her new show, Perceptual Archaeology (Or How to Travel Blind).

By Alethea Bakogeorge / May 31, 2023