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andrea perez

Two men sit on a red couch holding hands. iPhoto caption: Photo by Emily Anne Corcoran.

REVIEW: Icarus Theatre’s Fiji combines competing genres

If you enjoy the pitch of a rom-com true-crime mesh, this one's for you. Even if it's not perfect, it's a charming, nimble watch that tugs at the heartstrings.

By Andrea Perez / Apr 3, 2024

REVIEW: ARC’s Rockabye glows but over-saturates

Rockabye, though a little longer than it should be, raises many timely questions. Should real lives be valued over ideologies or the other way around? Is it ethical to let someone die for a political cause?

By Andrea Perez / Feb 2, 2024

REVIEW: Ordinary Days at Shifting Ground Collective

If you want to support the future of musical theatre artists and experience an intimate, heartfelt 80-minute show, don’t let Ordinary Days pass you by.

By Andrea Perez / Aug 20, 2023