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artistic direction

iPhoto caption: Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri

Obsidian Artistic Director Philip Akin to Step Down

“What I would hope for is when the next artistic director is coming on, for every award I got, they get three."

By Dylan Coutts / Apr 13, 2019
iPhoto caption: Matthew Jocelyn. Photo by V. Tony Hauser

Matthew Jocelyn’s Mark on Canadian Stage

“We shouldn’t take ownership of something that’s publicly funded.”

By Robert Cushman / Nov 30, 2017
National Theatre School iPhoto caption: Photo by Marie-Ève Rochon

Changes Are Coming to the National Theatre School of Canada

The National Theatre School is implementing a four-year growth plan that will add a new artistic direction program, expand its Indigenous artist-in-residence program, and develop programs for young people.

By Maija Kappler / Mar 21, 2017