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It’s a Beautiful Day for Brunch and to Arrest the Cops That Killed Breonna Taylor

Carly Anna Billings and Patrick Teed describe the inspiration for their upcoming Hamilton Fringe show on toxic wokeness and its implications within an anti-Black world.

By Carly Anna Billings, , Patrick Teed / Jul 13, 2021
Alexander Synaptic / CC BY-NC 2.0" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: The Kitchen at Aunties & Uncles. Photo by Alexander Synaptic / CC BY-NC 2.0

Immersive Brunch

Being an actor, intimacy, and the hunt for intimacy, drives so many of my interactions. But intimacy on that level isn’t necessarily an everyday occurrence for everyone.

By Julie Tepperman, and Aaron Willis / Oct 13, 2016