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iPhoto caption: Lena Maripu and Fiona Sauder. Photo by Nicholas Porteous

Any Happy Little Thought

Children assume utter potential in every moment, and it makes them powerful.

By Fiona Sauder / Dec 11, 2017

Stage Door Confessional: The Unpredictable

Stevie Joffe, Alex Furber, and Harriet Gratian tell stories of unpredictable moments in this second episode of Stage Door Confessional.

hosted and produced by Thalia Kane, produced by Kelly McNamee / Nov 9, 2017

Performing and Parenting: Growing Up with Artist Parents

What was it like to grow up with theatre artists as parents, and then make the choice to get into it yourself? Tyrone Savage and Tanya Rintoul tell all.

By Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster, Illustration by Kris Noelle / Dec 9, 2016

Off with Kid Gloves, On with Kid Love

Every director no matter how esteemed should—at least once every other year—work with kids.

By Tanisha Taitt / Sep 12, 2016