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REVIEW: X (DIX) at Crow’s Theatre/Côté Danse

A beguiling night of dance, X (DIX) is what happens when a group of talented artists come together and let each other shine.

By Martin Austin / Jun 19, 2023

At the Confluence of Many Worlds: In Conversation with Crypto’s Guillaume Côté

“I’m not afraid of combining things that don’t always go together logically," says Crypto creator Guillaume Côté.

By Martin Austin / May 2, 2022
iPhoto caption: The art of the duel: Fight directors Casey Hudecki and Daniel Levinson weave a story with their blades.

At the Tip of the Point of a Sword

Whether a dashing sword fight or full-out pummel, fight scenes often occur at pivotal moments in the script, revealing characters at their most primal, emotionally heightened states.

By Annie Rosenberg / Feb 3, 2021
iPhoto caption: Patricia working alone in studio at York University for an assignment. Screenshot from video.

MS Won’t Stop Me From Dancing

I didn’t know much about MS. But I did know it was something a dancer and choreographer like me shouldn’t have.

By Patricia Allison / Sep 29, 2017