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Christine Horne

2023 in review at Intermission Magazine

It’s been one heck of a year at Intermission. After founding and leading the publication for seven years, including steering it through the pandemic, Philip Riccio decided it was time...

By Aisling Murphy, , Intermission Magazine / Dec 31, 2023

REVIEW: That Theatre Company’s Angels in America struggles to take flight

Considering how dangerous the play still feels on the page, the bottled-up nature of Craig Pike’s production left me disheartened.

By Liam Donovan / Dec 2, 2023
iPhoto caption: Marti Maraden through the years. From left: as Sonya in Uncle Vanya (1978, photo by Robert C. Ragsdale); headshot by V. Tony Hauser; as Manon in Forever Yours, Mary Lou (1990, photo by David Cooper).

Marti Maraden left behind a legacy of care, intelligence, and depth of thought

In the days and weeks following her passing, artists from across the country have shared their experiences and memories of Marti. She is universally remembered as kind, generous, talented, supportive, and in possession of a very sharp mind and a very sharp wit.

By Christine Horne / Nov 2, 2023
iPhoto caption: Photo by Mike McPhaden.

REVIEW: With Richard Three, Shakespeare in the Ruff affirms their tradition of re-imagining Shakespeare in powerful ways

There is a rift in the time-space continuum at Withrow Park this summer: multiverse Richard III has met Shakespearean universe Richard III for a coronation and some Shakespearean hijinks.

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Sep 5, 2023