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iPhoto caption: Photo by Michael Cooper

REVIEW: Chiara Isotton burns like a supernova in COC’s Medea

Isotton is riveting, offering a masterful vocal and physical performance that swings wildly from one emotional episode to the next.

By Stephen Low / May 24, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo courtesy of Canadian Opera Company.

REVIEW: A new take on Don Pasquale re-imagines its lead as a cat-loving crank

If you love cats, you’ll like Barbe & Doucet’s production of Don Pasquale. 

By Stephen Low / May 8, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo by Michael Cooper

REVIEW: Pomegranate at COC

From ancient Pompeii to an iconic 1980s lesbian bar downtown Toronto, the Canadian Opera Company’s Pomegranate follows an epic love story of two young women in search of solace and self-acceptance.

By Tessa Maki / Jun 13, 2023