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iPhoto caption: Photo by David Cooper.

Kimberley Rampersad is the Shaw Festival’s new Associate Artistic Director

"Iā€™m interested in Shaw using the theatre as a voice to reach the people. Iā€™m interested in him being a great orator and having his characters discuss great ideas, but within situations that the audience understands."

By Mae Smith / Apr 3, 2020

Obsidian Theatre Announces its New Artistic Director

"Over the course of my career, I have been passionate about creating work that explores the depth and breadth of the Black voice in its many artistic dialects and having an opportunity to continue to do this within the context of Obsidian is such a gift.ā€

By Mariam Ahmed / Jan 14, 2020

To the Theatre School Graduates of 2019

Two years ago, a very scared, small, worn down version of myself sobbed in a bathroom stall. This was after Iā€™d performed in, what I was told, one of the biggest opportunities of my young (not yet even started) career.

By Bryn Kennedy / Nov 21, 2018

Emerging Across Canada: The West

Applying for grants, moving forward, all the while writing through consistent doubts: is what I have good enough? Have I made the right choices?

By Liam Salmon / Oct 12, 2018