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Hey, Toronto audiences! Why are we laughing at white supremacy?

By laughing at the mention of Trump, whose ethnic nationalist and white supremacist ideologies still reverberate through global policies and politics, what precisely are we signalling?

By Camille Intson / Nov 28, 2023

REVIEW: Fairview at Canadian Stage/Obsidian Theatre

As playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury twists the play, she twists the knife into its audience.

By Ilana Lucas / Mar 13, 2023

“There’s Joy and There’s Pain at the Same Time”: In Conversation with Fairview’s Tawiah M’Carthy and Pulga Muchochoma

“The joy for me is…being with the performers in the room, because they support each other a lot. And they dance together. They make jokes. There's joy and there’s pain at the same time.”

By Signy Lynch / Mar 9, 2023