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6 in the Six: Wrestling with “Success”

The week of September 20, 2012, I was on the cover of NOW Magazine. I also couldn't pay my rent.

By Christine Horne / Mar 29, 2022
iPhoto caption: Self-Portrait by Mariel Marshall

Digital Playgrounds

I always planned for my coding and artistic work to stay separate. Coding would feed my bank account, while art would feed my soul. But, surprisingly, coding has influenced my art. It’s opening doors to worlds I never imagined entering.

By Mariel Marshall / Apr 6, 2018

Performing and Parenting: Growing Up with Artist Parents

What was it like to grow up with theatre artists as parents, and then make the choice to get into it yourself? Tyrone Savage and Tanya Rintoul tell all.

By Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster, Illustration by Kris Noelle / Dec 9, 2016

We Play All Day

Part of the struggle of being an artist is finding part-time employment that complements an erratic schedule.

By Thalia Kane / Dec 1, 2016