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french theatre

iPhoto caption: Photo by Mathieu Taillardas.

REVIEW: Filles du Roi is an entertaining, thoughtful reappraisal of French Canadian history

Sébastien Bertrand takes these women out of the symbolic realm, giving them fully formed identities.

By Gabrielle Marceau / Nov 4, 2023
Two figures stand among shadows. iPhoto caption: Photo by Mathieu Taillardas.

REVIEW: Convictions thoughtfully explores myth in the modern world

Lara Arabian and Théâtre français de Toronto have created a provocative, timely new work that intelligently explores the contradictions of immigration, family, and faith

By Gabrielle Marceau / Oct 1, 2023

REVIEW: Vaches: The Musical at Théâtre Français de Toronto

Vaches: The Musical's irony might occasionally keep its audience at a distance, but as a celebration of Casselman's wacky warmth, the show revels in an infectious, ragtag charm.

By Gabrielle Marceau / May 15, 2023