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Haley McGee crouches onstage behind a white pedestal. Below her is a carpet of astroturf, and other pedestals can be seen behind her, displaying a variety of objects. Her face is illuminated by the light reflecting off a mixtape in front of her. There are small orange sticky notes on her face below each eye, and she wears a white tank top and shorts, with her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. iPhoto caption: Original image by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale at Soulpepper/Outside the March

McGee has taken heartbreak, heartache, and a hearty dose of ennui and re-packaged it into an hour and forty minutes of pure theatrical magic.

By Jessica Watson / Oct 27, 2022

The Greatest Showmance

“Showmance” is not a real word; it was invented by people in the acting industry. For those of you not familiar with the term, this is how Steffi DiDomenicantonio’s dictionary defines the word: two co-stars are working together in a show and are playing love interests. Time passes and the onstage feelings get confused for real-life feelings.

By Steffi DiDomenicantonio / Aug 1, 2019