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iPhoto caption: Photo by Maxime Côté

There’s More Than One Way to Climb a Wall

Every body I had seen on stage had a symmetry to it, a grace in its movement. I had neither of these qualities. My right leg is a prosthetic.

By Yousef Kadoura / Oct 27, 2017
iPhoto caption: Tennille Read and Sydney Violet-Bristow in Theatre Inamorata's Gray. Photo by Ross Spencer.

Why Aren’t There More Good Roles for Trans Actresses?

I always knew I wanted to act, but it wasn’t something I ever thought would be possible because I never had anyone like me to look up to.

By Sydney Sarayeva / Sep 27, 2017
National Theatre School iPhoto caption: Photo by Marie-Ève Rochon

Changes Are Coming to the National Theatre School of Canada

The National Theatre School is implementing a four-year growth plan that will add a new artistic direction program, expand its Indigenous artist-in-residence program, and develop programs for young people.

By Maija Kappler / Mar 21, 2017
iPhoto caption: Soheil Parsa (centre) with the Blood Weddings team

In Conversation: Soheil Parsa

“I don’t want to be considered an ‘Iranian theatre director’ or even an ‘Iranian-Canadian theatre director.’ I’m simply a director.”

Interview by Hannah Antaki / Mar 10, 2017