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Karen Hines

iPhoto caption: The Jubilant in rehearsal. Clockwise from top left: stage manager Kaelee Brassard-Welch, director Kimberley McLeod, designer Nancy Perrin, assistant director Dan Stanikowski, performer Bethany Joy Radford (on two screens), props master Valerie Bonasso, playwright Elena Eli Belyea (centre). Photo by Kaelee Brassard-Welch.

Zoom lags, Cyborgs, and Brain-devouring Caterpillars

Despite myriad concerns about Zoom, the fusing of the performer’s body with the infrastructure of technology has allowed artists to create work even when performance venues are closed and physical gatherings impossible.

By Signy Lynch / Nov 25, 2020
iPhoto caption: Karen Hines. Photo by David Leyes.

In Conversation: Karen Hines

“The show must go on” is not true. We could have laid this one to bed. But I think it’s been a real treat for us to rally around this little project, embrace this humble medium, and make something.

By Robyn Grant-Moran / Apr 3, 2020

What I Wish I’d Known: Johnnie Walker

You’re going in the right direction, even if the journey winds up taking longer than you planned for.

By Graham Isador / Mar 18, 2019

Hot Off the Press: The Supine Cobbler

and Animals

There are two new plays on Toronto’s bookshelves! The Supine Cobbler, by Jill Connell, and Animals, by Karen Hines. 

Mar 2, 2017