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kemi king

iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: Three Sisters weaves together joy, fear, and the Biafran Civil War

In this conversational review of Three Sisters, contributors Kemi King and Aisha Lesley Bentham reflect on a masterful production helmed by Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu.

Written by Aisha Lesley Bentham, and Kemi King / Mar 16, 2024

REVIEW: Wedding Band at the Stratford Festival

The piece is not a “love triumphs” story, because sometimes love just isn’t worth it.

By Kemi King / Jul 23, 2023
iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: No Save Points at Outside the March/Starvox Entertainment/Modern Times Stage Company

For both audience and actor, No Save Points is a gloriously playful theatrical event.

By Liam Donovan / Jun 18, 2023

REVIEW: Cabaret Noir at MAYDAY/dance Immersion/Canadian Stage

Black histories and calls to culture within media (theatre, song, film, theory, poetry, language) ensure the culture endures as a living memory.

By Kemi King / Feb 19, 2023