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iPhoto caption: Photo by Foreshots Photography.

REVIEW: Cahoots Theatre’s Sweeter balances sunshine and rain

Wholly, Sweeter balances the rain and the sunshine, but doesn’t necessarily contrive its characters into blind optimism. It’s a narrative that allows for darkness and grief, and declares that it is okay to not be okay.

By Andrea Perez / Dec 13, 2023
A man in a yellow and black plaid astronaut suit stands on stage in front of a backdrop of outerspace. iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz

REVIEW: The Darkest Dark at Young People’s Theatre

The Darkest Dark is a charming theatrical adaptation that shoots for the stars.

By Ilana Lucas / Feb 27, 2023
iPhoto caption: Lena Maripu and Fiona Sauder. Photo by Nicholas Porteous

Any Happy Little Thought

Children assume utter potential in every moment, and it makes them powerful.

By Fiona Sauder / Dec 11, 2017

Stage Door Confessional: The Unpredictable

Stevie Joffe, Alex Furber, and Harriet Gratian tell stories of unpredictable moments in this second episode of Stage Door Confessional.

hosted and produced by Thalia Kane, produced by Kelly McNamee / Nov 9, 2017