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May Antaki

Exeunt, Pursued by a Bear

Seven years. That’s how old this little online magazine is. That might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but we sure have packed in a whole...

By Philip Riccio / Jul 20, 2023

The Most Popular Intermission Articles of 2017

Here are the most-read articles on Intermission in 2017.

Dec 20, 2017

Learning from Lear

“Whenever we do disagree and negotiate, we’re able to do that in a way where things don’t just die.”

By May Antaki / Apr 5, 2017
iPhoto caption: Maev Beaty in The Last Wife at Stratford (2015). Photo by David Hou

In Conversation: Maev Beaty

“You think the writer’s going to go away and come back with blue, red, and green. But this is where art happens, because they come back with something plaid and on fire.”

Interview by May Antaki / Jan 27, 2017