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mental illness

‘Grappling with Permanence’: In Conversation with Lessons in Temperament

“It’s beautiful and strange, the permanence of it,” says Cushman of Lessons in Temperament. “Every time we chose a take, we had to be, like, ‘okay, that’s the way it is forever.’ We’ve really been grappling with permanence in relation to it.”

By Aisling Murphy / Nov 16, 2021
iPhoto caption: The photo of you taped above my bed frame. IMAGE: Jane Brown/The Observer.

Two letters to Sarah Kane on the anniversary of her death

It feels strange to say I miss you – it feels stranger to say I don’t.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 20, 2021

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In this time, the world is healing because of distance. To protect each other, we stay away. I realize now that the distance is beautiful, because we get to share it, and share across it. It is the essence of what brings us together, and it begins in the cocoon of our individual mindsets.

By Katie Ready-Walters / Apr 6, 2020

The Problem With “The Show Must Go On”

When I reflect on the number of artists I know who suffer from mental health issues, and the unique stressors that come with our profession, the resources available to us and the awareness we have about public services feel meagre and insufficient.

By Nathan Carroll / May 11, 2018