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Michaela Washburn

REVIEW: Almighty Voice and His Wife

Almighty Voice is speaking to us. Are we ready to listen?

By Thomas Dobronyi / Oct 24, 2019
iPhoto caption: James Dallas Smith and Michaela Washburn in Almighty Voice and His Wife. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: Almighty Voice and His Wife

Moses’ masterful use of vaudeville beautifully demonstrates how history was altered, causing the loss of Indigenous identity.

By Nicole Decsey / Oct 24, 2019

My Family’s Story

The piece tells the story of how this played out for us, but it is not a unique event.

By Jane Doe, as told to Bailey Green / Jan 10, 2019

Homelessness and Performing in Parks

An artist who performs outside and who works with homeless and street-involved people, I want to speak about the realities of sharing public space with people who are not housed.

By Kate Werneburg / Aug 1, 2018