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National Theatre School of Canada

iPhoto caption: The photo of you taped above my bed frame. IMAGE: Jane Brown/The Observer.

Two letters to Sarah Kane on the anniversary of her death

It feels strange to say I miss you – it feels stranger to say I don’t.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 20, 2021
Les Roches Sur l'Eau de la Plage by Michael / (CC BY 2.0)" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: Les Roches Sur l'Eau de la Plage by Michael / (CC BY 2.0)

Emerging Across Canada: Ontario and Quebec

Whether that was in Montreal or from mentors in Edmonton, I had this image in my mind of this terrible place where people were always mean and dreams went to die.

By Liam Salmon / Apr 18, 2019

Emerging Across Canada: The West

Applying for grants, moving forward, all the while writing through consistent doubts: is what I have good enough? Have I made the right choices?

By Liam Salmon / Oct 12, 2018