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Nightwood Theatre

iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: Rose Napoli writes the world of Mad Madge with a glittery, fun-filled gel pen

Overall, Mad Madge is a hoot, a compelling story rendered accessible and charming by Napoli’s text and Donaldson’s realization of it.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 18, 2024

REVIEW: Inside the babes-in-arms performance of the audacious Universal Child Care

As a new parent, I was thrilled at the prospect of returning to the theatre and introducing my baby to what, at one time, used to take up two or three nights a week of my life.

By Kaitlyn Riordan / Mar 1, 2024
Nikki Shaffeeullah in A Poem for Rabia. iPhoto caption: Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

REVIEW: A Poem for Rabia at Tarragon fits a large story into a small space

A Poem for Rabia is ultimately a circular gesture, a loving handing back of what’s been passed down.

By Liam Donovan / Oct 27, 2023

REVIEW: She’s Not Special at Tarragon/Nightwood Theatre

She’s Not Special does not hold back from telling a story about accepting who you are in order to be your greatest self.

By Aisha Lesley Bentham / May 29, 2023