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The Second Next Stage 2022 New Young Reviewers Roundup

Led by Signy Lynch and Stephanie Fung, the New Young Reviewers Program is a workshop series and writing group for emerging theatre and performance reviewers across Canada.

By Toronto Fringe New Young Reviewers Program / Jan 25, 2022

Inside the Triumph of the 2021 Toronto Fringe

“We’re coming back. We’re coming back stronger.”

By Aisling Murphy / Jul 21, 2021
iPhoto caption: (Left to right) actor Donna Ng, technical designer Wil Knoll and director Mike Czuba during a performance of Like Tom Cruz Loves Running. Photo by Tim Nguyen.

A (sort of) Manifesto: Running Between Theatre and Film, Reimagining the Live Experience

Most artists can take a tiny budget and produce magic. We’re constantly creating new worlds, images and stories with nothing but shoestrings and determination. That is both our superpower and...

By Mike Czuba / Jan 12, 2021
iPhoto caption: The Jubilant in rehearsal. Clockwise from top left: stage manager Kaelee Brassard-Welch, director Kimberley McLeod, designer Nancy Perrin, assistant director Dan Stanikowski, performer Bethany Joy Radford (on two screens), props master Valerie Bonasso, playwright Elena Eli Belyea (centre). Photo by Kaelee Brassard-Welch.

Zoom lags, Cyborgs, and Brain-devouring Caterpillars

Despite myriad concerns about Zoom, the fusing of the performer’s body with the infrastructure of technology has allowed artists to create work even when performance venues are closed and physical gatherings impossible.

By Signy Lynch / Nov 25, 2020