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princess of wales

REVIEW: & Juliet at Mirvish

The following is a transcript of a conversation between theatre critic Aisling Murphy and theatre artist Joshua Kilimnik, who share a passionate love for musical theatre. Aisling attended the final...

By Joshua Kilimnik, , Aisling Murphy / Jul 15, 2022

REVIEW: Room at Mirvish

It’s a tough sell, a full-length not-musical about imprisonment and trauma. But it has it all — tension, heart, whimsy, and talent.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 8, 2022

How to Return Home: Blindness by Simon Stephens

As in-person Toronto theatre slowly re-opens, Intermission’s Editors will be sharing personal reflections on the realities of being back in the theatre. These are not criticisms or reviews. They are not blog posts. They are memories of being caught in the middle of a theatre renaissance. They are an archive. They are history.

By Aisling Murphy / Aug 7, 2021