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iPhoto caption: Toronto actor/director/producer/writer Leighton Alexander Williams. Original photo by Lane Dorsey; edited by Jessica Watson

A Path in the Right Direction: Stepping into New Shoes as a Multifaceted Artist

At the time, the title of “Director” terrified me for many reasons—I knew that it required a lot of work to lead a production, but I wasn’t really sure what the job requirements were, especially when pulling double-duty as an actor and director.

By Leighton Alexander Williams / Mar 18, 2021

Emerging Across Canada: The West

Applying for grants, moving forward, all the while writing through consistent doubts: is what I have good enough? Have I made the right choices?

By Liam Salmon / Oct 12, 2018
iPhoto caption: The Fall of the Berlin Wall by Daniel Antal / CC BY 2.0

Ms. Barrie, Tear Down This Wall (Or: Why I Listened to Ronald Reagan)

I equate hearing an early draft of a play to getting out of a shower that was far too cold with a towel that is far too small. And a crowd has gathered in your bathroom. And everyone is ready to offer their opinion.

By Eva Barrie / Nov 8, 2016

Stack of Hats

In my quest for roles to play I have added titles to my name like Boy Scouts badges on a sash.

By Daniel Pagett / May 19, 2016