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“There’s Joy and There’s Pain at the Same Time”: In Conversation with Fairview’s Tawiah M’Carthy and Pulga Muchochoma

“The joy for me is…being with the performers in the room, because they support each other a lot. And they dance together. They make jokes. There's joy and there’s pain at the same time.”

By Signy Lynch / Mar 9, 2023

When Blind Casting Isn’t Enough

"From the moment I decided I wanted to act in the fifth grade until my graduation from theatre school twelve years later, I never had the opportunity to play a character that was written for someone who looks like me."

By Rebecca Gibian and Natasha Mumba / Jun 8, 2018
iPhoto caption: Playwright Audrey Dwyer, who wrote Calpurnia. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Breaking Character

Sadly, I feel that my writer colleagues who possess race privilege often engage in character origami: folding paper to and fro so it appears three dimensional when, in fact, it’s something that’s just plain flat.

By Catherine Hernandez / Jan 15, 2018
iPhoto caption: The National Theatre School's production of the Laramie Project. Photo by Maxime Côté

The Dissection of a Mad Black Actress

I am Black and I am exhausted. I applied to theatre school to train as an actor and yet every day feels more like training to be a civil rights activist.

By Rachel Mutombo / Apr 26, 2017