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Richard Ouzounian

“Loving, Supportive, Kind, Generous”: Remembering Stephen Sondheim in Canada

To take stock of Sondheim’s particular contribution to Canadian theatre, a number of writers and artists gathered on Zoom with theatre critic Karen Fricker to discuss his influence and legacy.

By Karen Fricker / Jan 8, 2022
iPhoto caption: Michael Torontow, Gabi Epstein, Mike Nadajewski, Thom Allison, and Holly Chaplin in Candide. Photo by Luca Ragogna

Review: Candide (Barrie)

Candide gets off to a rousing start when Lily Ling on piano and Jamie Drake on percussion play the stirring overture. It’s glorious.

By Lynn Slotkin / Nov 27, 2017
Joe Campbell /" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: Photo by Joe Campbell /

Rewriting Shakespeare

It would have been a big enough task to write using the common parlance of today, but my youthful arrogance made me want to write the play in verse.

By Vian Andrews / Apr 15, 2017
iPhoto caption: Kevin Lamotte and Jonathan Goad, prepping for John. Photo by Dahlia Katz

John and the Challenges of the


Novice mountain climbers don’t usually start with Everest, but—in a way—that’s just what Jonathan Goad is doing.

By Richard Ouzounian / Feb 2, 2017