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Shaw Festival

iPhoto caption: Photo by David Cooper

REVIEW: Gypsy at the Shaw Festival

Gypsy's strong dramatic skeleton makes it a perfect choice for the Shaw Festival, where it’s playing until October in a hauntingly clear production directed by Jay Turvey.

By Liam Donovan / May 29, 2023
Men and women kneel and sit on stage in red and white robes. iPhoto caption: Photo by David Cooper

REVIEW: Mahabharata at Why Not Theatre/Shaw Festival/Barbican

From top to tail, this production is a stellar example of the quality that can come from taking your time.

By Jessica Watson / Mar 13, 2023

Cheating, Shaving, and Showering

First came self-tapes, where it actually costs actors money to audition. Then, with the pandemic, free online concerts and classes started happening everywhere.

By Tony Nappo / Apr 7, 2020
iPhoto caption: Photo by David Cooper.

Kimberley Rampersad is the Shaw Festival’s new Associate Artistic Director

"I’m interested in Shaw using the theatre as a voice to reach the people. I’m interested in him being a great orator and having his characters discuss great ideas, but within situations that the audience understands."

By Mae Smith / Apr 3, 2020