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South Africa

Athol Fugard in black and white against a backdrop of apartheid articles and a theatre curtain. iPhoto caption: Original image of playwright and activist Athol Fugard by Reg Innell

The Night Sizwe Banzi Was Born

"No publicity. No tickets. The law prohibits blacks and whites from performing where money is exchanged. Yet, I can look back and say it was the most politically incendiary piece of art I have ever seen."

Written by Robin Benger, Photography by Giles Hugo / May 23, 2023
iPhoto caption: Nelson Mandela addresses South Africans for the first time after his release from prison, from the balcony of the City Hall on the Grand Parade, Cape Town. Photo by Chris Ledochowski.

The Spirit of Mandela: Continuing the Fight for Freedom

"There is a deep history between Nelson Mandela and Toronto. It was so important for this exhibit to come to Toronto and for the people here to have a chance to see it, interact with it, and really remember Mandela and what he stood for in terms of equity, equality, and diversity.”

By Justine Abigail Yu / Oct 6, 2019
iPhoto caption: Photos courtesy of TO Live.

Season Announcement: TO Live 2019-2020

“We are proud to present a season of top artists from around the world and around the City all of which reflect the dynamic diversity of Toronto,” said Clyde Wagner, President and CEO, TO Live. “Our new season builds on our commitment to celebrate, inspire and connect our audiences by showcasing a wide variety of innovative creative expressions.”

By Mariam Ahmed / Aug 2, 2019
iPhoto caption: The Hot Brown Honeys / Photo by Jessica Wyld

Decolonizing One Stage at a Time

“If we can laugh together, then we can cry together and maybe even fix some things.”

By Justine Abigail Yu / Apr 1, 2019