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Ronnie Marmo as Lenny Bruce. Marmo wears a white button-downwith aa loose black tie. His head is propped against the microphone as if in defeat. Photo by Doren Sorell. iPhoto caption: Ronnie Marmo as Lenny Bruce. Photo by Doren Sorell.

REVIEW: I’m Not A Comedian… I’m Lenny Bruce at Teatron Toronto Jewish Theatre

This version of Bruce is sharp as a knife, plunging headfirst into some of the comic’s more obscene bits, highlighting his hard-fought battle over obscenity laws and free speech, and making his first Canadian audience delightfully uncomfortable.

By Jessica Watson / Jun 24, 2023
iPhoto caption: Manifest Destiny's Child (from left to right, top: Melissa Deleary, Jamie Whitecrow, Lena Recollet; bottom: Stephanie Pangowish, Celeste Hayward, Denise B Mcleod, Courtney Skye)

Finding My Kindred Kwe

When we’re done crying, Canada, let’s laugh and remember what art and creation really is: human.

By J.L. Whitecrow / Feb 15, 2017