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Tara Sky

iPhoto caption: Photo by David Hou

REVIEW: King Lear at the Stratford Festival

If you love Lear as a text, or Gross as an actor, this one will be a winner for you — even more so if you missed the Soulpepper duo of Lear plays last year.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 4, 2023
iPhoto caption: Original photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: Where the Blood Mixes at Soulpepper

See this show. Revel in an extraordinary cast, a breathtaking set. Cry, laugh, listen.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 8, 2022

Spotlight: Jani Lauzon

Had things gone differently with Soulpepper’s programming, another production entirely might have been in its place this season. And, had things gone differently in Jani’s early years as an artist, she might not have grown into the fierce matriarch of Indigenous theatre that she is.

Written by Robyn Grant-Moran, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Oct 8, 2019