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The Importance of Being Earnest

iPhoto caption: Photo by Gregory Lee.

All the Little Worlds: Reflections on Acting with Martha Henry, Diana Leblanc, and Marti Maraden – Part 1

Though feminism had of course been around for years, it had become a pressing topic for their generation at that time. And as women working in the theatre. “We were trying to establish ourselves as people in an industry that usually looked upon us as less than,” says Martha, “and as adjuncts, and as supporters, and subordinates.”

By Christine Horne / Nov 27, 2019

Stage Door Confessional: When Things Go Awry

Andrew Lawrie, Jessica McGann, Harriet Gratian, and Alex Furber talk about the moments things go awry in this fourth episode of Stage Door Confessional.

hosted and produced by Thalia Kane, produced by Kelly McNamee / Nov 23, 2017