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the rose brampton

iPhoto caption: James Smith of Lessons in Temperament. Photo courtesy of Brampton On Stage.

For Lessons in Temperament’s James Smith, pianos are partners in vulnerability

“The act of tuning… allows me to find a good balance in terms of how deep I go into certain stories,” says Lessons in Temperament creator James Smith.

By Nathaniel Hanula-James / Feb 2, 2024
iPhoto caption: Image of Eva Noblezada courtesy of Brampton On Stage.

For Tony-nominated actress Eva Noblezada, self-care is part of the job

Ahead of her one-night-only concert at The Rose Brampton, it's safe to say that Eva Noblezada has the fates on her side.

By Aisling Murphy / Jan 30, 2024

Theatre Calgary tunes into Agatha Christie’s timeless Mousetrap

Theatre Calgary celebrates its 56th season with a knockout production of the play that’s always running.

By Doriane Irakoze / Oct 4, 2023

Pakistani-Canadian actor Ahad Raza Mir ‘goes back to basics’ with Brampton production of Hamlet

“The South Asian community in Calgary, and even Toronto, is a whole different story than Brampton in terms of size,” says Mir. “I'm excited to have this show come to a larger group of South Asians: most importantly, young people who maybe want to go into the arts who want to be actors."

By Jessica Watson / Sep 26, 2023