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Theatre Passe Muraille

Charlie Petch in No One's Special at the Hot Dog Cart iPhoto caption: Photo by Nika Belianina

REVIEW: No One’s Special at the Hot Dog Cart is a heartfelt slice of autobiography

As a memoir, Charlie Petch's play has significant power, and the writing — laced with occasional jaunts into poetry — often resonates.

By Liam Donovan / Mar 21, 2024

REVIEW: Just like Luke Reece’s life story, As I Must Live It is open-ended

In his 90-minute spoken-word solo show, Recce reaches who he needs to reach, offering a piece full of complexity and nostalgia.

By Eleanor Yuneun Park / Feb 23, 2024

REVIEW: Migraaaants is not a dark comedy. And that’s okay. 

From the very beginning of playwright Matei Visniec and director Siavash Shabanpour’s Migraaaants, the show's narrator is domineeringly captivating.

By Eleanor Yuneun Park / Jan 21, 2024
iPhoto caption: Photo by Zahra Salecki.

Toronto premiere of Migraaaants set to open in January

An immersive play about human migration is coming to Toronto this month.

By Aisling Murphy / Jan 3, 2024