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Tony Kushner

REVIEW: That Theatre Company’s Angels in America struggles to take flight

Considering how dangerous the play still feels on the page, the bottled-up nature of Craig Pike’s production left me disheartened.

By Liam Donovan / Dec 2, 2023
iPhoto caption: Jully Black in Caroline or Change. Photo by Max Telzerow.

What Does It Mean To See Black Bodies Dancing Onstage?

How do we push the narrative forward within the black experience if we don’t choose to challenge our voices and what we are capable of?

By Esie Mensah / Dec 18, 2019

Something out of Nothing

People often ask me which I enjoy better: acting or writing. The best answer I can give (aside from “who cares?”) is that one teaches me about the other.

By Damien Atkins, Illustration By Kris Noelle / Oct 3, 2016