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REVIEW: Trace at Theatre Passe Muraille/ReDefine Arts

Sharp, personal, and deeply moving, Trace at Theatre Passe Muraille doesn’t quite fit under a single label. It’s a solo show, yes, but it’s a solo show featuring a large...

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 29, 2023

Buddies in (Not-So-Bad) Times: In Conversation with Daniel Carter

“I mean… what does it actually look like to create work? To produce work? To move into a production? We’re constantly working with these finite resources — time, money, space — and so a lot of our internal reflection has been looking at how do we make this process of making and sharing art more human? More flexible, more adaptable to being a human?”

By Aisling Murphy / Nov 5, 2021
iPhoto caption: Bilal Baig as Sabi in SORT OF. Image by Peter Stranks

Finding the Liminal in Sort Of

To be totally clear, I was not forced into creating a TV show inspired by some of my life events in which I would also play the lead character. I wanted this.

By Bilal Baig / Oct 12, 2021